AGRIRESEARCH Club Launch: from Seed to Seedling, Cultivating Future Agri-Leaders in Rwanda

AGRIRESEARCH Club Launch: from Seed to Seedling, Cultivating Future Agri-Leaders in Rwanda

Jan. 13, 2024, 2:46 p.m.

The vibrant energy of Rwanda's agriculture scene just got brighter with the launch of Agriresearch Club at the University of Rwanda, College of Agriculture, Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM), Nyagatare Campus on January 10, 2024. This thrilling event brought together over 1000 students, and distinguished prominent figures. It's a moment of immense pride for AGRIRESEARCH UNGUKA Ltd, the award-winning company born from the very roots of this student-led initiative.

Remember that desperate need for a hands-on, research-driven environment for young agri-minds? In 2018, it fueled the creation of AGRIRESEARCH Club at UR-CAVM, Busogo campus. Led by the visionary Abdu Usanase, now the Founder & CEO of AGRIRESEARCH UNGUKA Ltd, the club has a dedicated vision of "creating students' scientific community that leverages competence for young professionals in the labor market and sparks innovative youth-led green agribusiness ventures". The club's mission has yielded remarkable results:

o   600 students Club members impacted, with 252 active members and a thriving AGRIRESEARCH Club Alumni Network of over 300 graduates.

o   36 students equipped with business ideas, 5 with prototypes, and 2 companies registered with market-ready products, all nurtured by experienced coaches and strong mentorship.

o   On average, 10 graduates per year embarking on professional internships in Israel, and 30% securing a fulfilled and dignified jobs upon graduation.

o   Triple crown winners! - Best Club of the Year at UR-CAVM, Busogo Campus in 20212022, and 2023.

And ignite it did! This week's launch at Nyagatare District marks the expansion of this seed, planted with passion, that's now taking root across Rwanda. As Abdu Usanase aptly put it, "The narrative of African agriculture is changing, and it's innovation driven by youth like you." With a focus on Animal production, Veterinary medicine, Irrigation & Drainage, and Agricultural mechanization, the club promises to equip UR-CAVM, Nyagatare Campus’s students with the tools and knowledge to shape a sustainable future for Rwandan agriculture.

Figure 1: the Group photo including the Ambassador of Pakistan Embassy in Rwanda, The Principal of UR-CAVM, Nyagatare Campus Head, Founder&CEO of AGRIRESEARCH UNGUKA Ltd, UR-CAVM staff and students.

The launch witnessed inspiring voices like Elvis, President of Agriresearch Club Nyagatare Campus, who emphasized the power of collaboration and mutual support. The Principal of UR-CAVM, urging students to embody the spirit of AGRIRESEARCH UNGUKA Ltd, and awarded certificates of appreciation to the inaugural members led by Emile Maurice, their faces beaming with pride and future promise.

But the event wasn't just about Rwanda. His Excellency Ambassador Naeem Khan of the Pakistan Embassy in Rwanda ignited conversations on Pak-Rwanda ties, exploring opportunities for Rwandan students in Pakistan's tourism, university partnerships, and agri-research initiatives. This exchange, fostered by the launch, promises to bridge borders and nurture impactful collaborations.

Figure 2:H. E Ambassador Naeem Khan/ Pakistan Embassy in Rwanda.

As H.E Ambassador Naeem Khan rightly stated, "Research and Innovation need to be a cornerstone for agriculture and sustainable development." And that's precisely what AGRIRESEARCH UNGUKA Ltd is committed to. Through this club, “We are igniting a movement. A movement that envisions young minds not just consuming knowledge, but creating it. Not just memorizing formulas, but formulating solutions for the challenges that grip our Rwanda’s agricultural sector. We dream of a future where students are not just graduates, but agripreneurs, innovators, and agents of change.” Abdu Usanase stated.

This is just the beginning. Watch this space as the Agriresearch Club blossoms into a powerful force for innovation and progress. Together, let's rewrite the narrative of African agriculture, one green, sustainable step at a time.


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